Dawg’s most memorable Fireworks memory and LSD


I’d never done LSD or any other psychedelic before.

I was paranoid before I dropped the tab.

The others wanted to go out on the back porch looking over the small foliaged yard and shoot off some bottle rockets.

I knew something would go wrong.

The Acid was coming on.

It was a frozen St. Louis New Year’s Eve in the early 70’s.

The neighborhood housing was a mix of single family housing of mixed design with a few 3 or 4 story apartment buildings for the students at nearby Washington University in U. City so named.

I had bought a little one story stucco cottage with a steep all slate roof.

Friggin’ place looked like Hansel and Gretel’s cottage.

I picked it up for 3 grand cause the population lines were moving all over the interior neighborhoods in St. Louis.

Winding like a snake thru the little neighborhood was an interior road shielded mostly from the housing.

No traffic.

The crowd chattered enjoying their buzz and took a bottle and pack of bottle rockets to the back porch.

They fired the first rocket as I cringed and it arched high above the neighborhood and down right into a curve in the glaring icy road and exploded in the middle of the windshield of a cop car on patrol.

Rushed to the basement.

Lights were already off.

Flashing red lights and sirens.

Banging loudly on our front door and shouting for entry.

We huddled behind the furniture while the already nasty experienced was multiplied in intensity for our drug drenched brains.

Musta stayed down there for couple of hours.

Starting to get light and we came out of cover.

So that’s LSD? I thought.

Watched KTVU this morning and fireworks guys were getting the whole deal ready down on a pier snaking out into the Bay.

Steady rain.

Guys had plastic or oil cloth or something over the charges.

"If it rains, we go anyway !!"

Kinda sounded like the command officer in a missile silo …

"Their warheads will reach here in 18 minutes !"

"We fire if every red light on the board is flashing !"

Go Niners !!


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