Only Venezuela is losing population


Several interesting facts here for your ammo belt.

There are roughly 435 million people South of Panama in the 14 countries of South America.

Largest is Brazil with 212 million which is 4 times Columbia which comes in second.

Brazil just brought back a native president supported by the people and grew by over ten million last year.

Venezuela lost population because the US is after their oil.

The rich there created an alternate government with their own president supported by the US cause of oil.

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the World.

Larger than Saudi Arabia.

For some reason, the people of Venezuela think that oil belongs to them.

Kinda like the people of Chile thought the copper under their lands belonged to them.

In Chile, on behalf of Anaconda Copper, the US had the CIA assassinate the president and instal a dictatorship.

In Venezuela the rich opposition called the national election that brought Maduro (used to head biggest cab union) to power ??

The rich said it was a fixed election.

‘Stop the Fix!’

Sounding familiar?

Right now Venezuelans make up the third largest group gathered at our Southern Border begging for Asylum from the mess the US has intentionally created in their country trying to get their oil.

You want them to go home?

Stop fucking with their country !!

More numbers …

2.8 million Russians left their country since the war began.

2 million Ukranians thus far have sought shelter elsewhere.

And, here’s a really big one from Beau of the Fifth Column …

Is Ukraine worth the 40 billion we’ve spent defending them?

Well, they have the 7th most arable land on Earth.

Capturing them would increase Russian food capacity by a third.

We spent trillions keeping Russia hemmed in over the past 7 decades.

A trillion is a THOUSAND BILLION !!

What we’re spending in Ukraine is a fraction of what the land and people are worth.

People ??

Yeah, the Russians have been stealing children from Ukraine much as happened in Chile 50 years ago.

Kinda like the pigs raising the puppies in the barn in Animal Farm.

Beau brought that home to me this morning talking about how many thousands of billions we’ve spent to keep Russia from overwhelming their neighbors and how it compares to the 40 billion we’ve put into the effort over the last year.

Stories Dawg owns alone locally:

1. John Arntz has kept Dominion Voting machines which can be hacked as SF’s chosen vendor for 20 years.

Dawg is absolutely only one saying this out loud.

Know why?

Cause Dominion machines are installed in 28 states and are in ALL 5 swing states that gave the election to Biden.

Given that these machines are ALL counting with the company’s Proprietary Code, it is possible they fixed the election.

And, how many others over last decades ??

Oh, I miss the old days when Willie had to have Tammy Haygood order a couple of million extra ballots from a Canadian outfit and stored them to stuff the ballot boxes and elect Newsom and pass the Niners Stadium issue.

Remember when a paper ballot meant something ??

Hard to fix those elections.

Dumping other side’s ballots in Pacific Ocean off Golden Gate was also a very Bogart thing for Willie to do.

A bar in Stinson Beach 50 miles or more North of SF had a couple of SF Ballot Box covers that washed up on the beach there hanging over their bar.

Now, it’s all electronic and if you don’t have an Open Source Code you cannot be anywhere near confident of the fairness of the contests.

Note here that I did not say here that I knew these elections, including Trump/Biden were fixed.

I’m just saying it’s possible.

Loving the rain the the Mission on New Year’s Eve …


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