So, maybe this Genealogy thing can find my grandpa ??


I didn’t believe in this genealogy shit until they started catching killers.

So, I guess I really am an Irish peasant.

Oh well.

I didn’t expect to find out I was Michael Jackson’s lost oldest brother.

And, maybe the FBI can do me a favor while they still have their ruler out.

Find my father’s dad !!

I have my rooms divided into collections of junk store frames

My bedroom is family history going back to 1748 on my mom’s side.

The opposing wall is my pop’s but it’s all dead ends.

Pop was a bastard when that meant something.

His mom’s parents must have been orphans or something cause I have their death cetificates and neither knew who their parents were or when they were born.

I’m sure you’re family’s like that too.

So, now, maybe I can find some of these folks and where they came from and what they do.

I’m betting the trail leads back to a dance hall in St. Louis in 1900.

Go Niners !!


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