Dawg ‘scoop’ (wild guess) Shorenstein donor who Vetoed Kennedy School Fellowship for Palestinian sympathizer ?? !! ??


About twenty or twenty five years ago or something there was some corporation that wanted to add more hardware to Sutro Tower and the guy who was currently the Zoning Administrator said it was too much fucking weight or some such technical thing and disapproved it.


Calls were made and Gerald Green who was Willie Brown’s Director of Planning got rid of the guy (he the one they gave soft landing in Daly City ?_ …

So, guess what ?

Well, Green then said he was only one left qualified to go back over the detail and Gerald, he approves it.

Go Figure.

I don’t know if it was before or after that Shorenstein people got Gerald a year at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government or whatever.

They padded Gerald’s resume and he wasn’t the only one.

This shit is hardly new.

Don’t they let their kids and donors kids in the school already anyway?

I mean, who the fuck wants to go to Harvard when you can go to Harris Teachers College and then Forest Park Community College and then Southwest Missiouri and then finally, Clemson.

Not counting numerous mail order courses I completed while I was bobbing around in the Mediterranean practicing war.

One dancer lady told me they gave her that deal and she made sure that the offer wasn’t political whatever that means.


Think being blackballed by AIPAC will hurt my chances in Hollywood?


Go Niners !!

Wait and see, the objecting big donor will be Shorenstein.

He even has his name on the place but none of majorMedia mentioned.

I’m gonna smoke another bowl and listen to some Rock n Roll and dance.


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