5 year-old at Border wants father and lemonade stand back


Watching the prez (Biden) in Mexico dodging blame for the conditions created by his buddy Capitalists South of our Border in Texas and all the way down to the tip of South America.

I’ve been watching various channels covering Biden and not once has any reporter asked him if he’s considering lifting the economic sanctions the U.S. has imposed upon the countries that have resisted exploitation by Capitalists.

It’s the SANCTIONS Stupid !!

That’s why they’re all here.

Woman shows up at Border with two young teen daughters and a 5 year old son.

Walked 5,000 miles to get away from the ancestral land that she loved.

Why would she do that ?

Well, to punish the democratically elected president of Venezuela/Cuba/Nicaragua/Chile for claiming their countries’ Resources as the property of the People of that Nation.

How’s it look to 5 year old with lemonade stand ??

His dad has a lemon orchard and United Fruit Company decided they wanted the fruit and the orchard and his family’s labor.Pop said ‘no’ so they killed dad and rqped mom and sisters all in front of him.

Smashed his lemonade stand and ‘drafted’ his older brother into their local Drug Cartel as a recruit to help them go murder the next farmer.

Yeah, woman’s got a reason for fear.

Turned back at the Border where conditions are worse than her native land.

Look behind the desperate people at the Border way down to Cape Horn is it ??

You’ll find that most of the people fleeing the conditions created by Washington D.C. over the last couple of hundred years are presently fleeing the effects of sanctions imposed upon their countries in an attempt by the Capitalists to affect a ‘favorable’ Regime Change in their countries.

I’m loving the strange and changing and slightly violent weather sweeping the streets under my Triple Bay windows over these last couple of weeks.

Ahhh, California

One season gigantic Mr. Shasta reservoir is almost dry.

The next year it overflows and tears out huge sections of causeways.

I’ll answer with the wise comment that George the bartender at the Bamboo Lounge in St. Louis used to say a half century ago.

People would come in and unburden themselves with the problems they were having with their bosses or wives or husbands or friends and every single one of them left feeling both drunk and reassured that George agreed with their side of the matter.

I witnessed scenes like this for years and they were wrong.

He never sided with anyone.

They only thought that he did.

And ?

He did it the same way everytime.

As they were drinking, George took on a somber appearance as he wiped the bar and served other customers pausing for refills from their pin ball machines or bowling machine or pool table or game of bottlecaps going in back …

George would move back to the confessor like the barroom priest that he was and listen for awhile while keeping one eye on all of the other actions and George just shook his head as he listened intently and said those words that made everyone think he was on their side …

"Welll, wadda yuh gonnna dooo ??"

"Waddda yuh gonna doo ??"

I know how to solve the Problem at our Southern Border.

Admit we caused it first.

Then, agree to split the Refugees …

Every Fucking One of Them !!!

Agree to split the first lot with Canada and we’re talking about friggin’ motivated labor here, Capitalists !!

Shit, you can exploit them in their homes here just like you do the North American Labor Force.

Bottom Line is that First, we have the Responsibility.

Second, we have plenty of room and need for the Labor.

Create Two lists …


Immigrant Refugee Registry


Immigrant Sponsor Registry

Also, now that Peskin is prez of the BOS again (and, 19 months sober) …

Let’s see Aaron lead a push for a Charter Amendment.

To bring back the Office of Chief of Police.

As an elected position.

POA (Delagnes) liked the idea when I ran it by him couple years ago.

He thinks cops could field winning candidate easily.

Idea came from Iconic former SF Sheriff of 32 years, Mike Hennessey.

The only way to reform a truly fucked up Anti-SF Values on purpose 2,300 person body.

They’re like a bad football team.

If McClellan could make the Northern Army real inside of two years ??

A true Reform Police Chief could do the same.

Go Niners !!


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