Answer to Lamb’s Standard column on Cindy Elias


Can’t comment anywhere but Mission Local so I write here.

Answer to problems with entire SF Criminal Justice System begins with the Police Chief.

It should be an elected position.

That’s Michael Hennessey’s idea and good as the day he emparted it to me in his office where he showed me hundred plus year old posters from people running for Police Chief.

It starts there.

Our force is like a lousy Football Team.

They need clear direction and leadership following the Platform Planks of the Winning Candidate.

The People’s Choice !!

Even Gary Delugnuts thought it was a good idea.

Thursday night I push Michael’s idea once again.

Manny’s 6:30 pm Community meeting 16th and Valencia.

Dorsey and Mandelman and Engardio.

Luke calls them the … ‘Gay Cabal’

Dis dawg calls them … ‘Gay Caucus’

Light em if you got em …

Go Niners !!


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