Dawg Riddle: I have a new picture of you in every room of my house but only you can find them



I have 13 wall and door mounted mirrors lying on the floor and looking up from any point in my 450 square feet.

They open the place up.

Full length in the Hall for when you’re going out, one last look at the person you love and care for most in the World as you hit the street.

My bedroom has lotsa mirrors and Peter Uchman said it would look like a brothel when I finished telling him what I planned when the mirrors were still leaning against the walls.

I said it would be more like a mausoleum and that’s because pictures on the wall are of my Family going back 5 generations to 1811 is the earliest photos of my Great, great, great great grandparents.

Anyway, entire front room with open full kitchen against one wall with full ceramic tile jobs on floor and behind and over counter and wrapping stove and the floor is about two feet and the carpet into the main Social area begins.

If there had been a wall at this point I’d have torn it down.

(If I owned the building)

Only mirror for that space is one of those little six inch diameter or something round two sided ones with the magnification and you can hang it anywhere?

Only after all of the mirrors were hung did I start walking around and looking at the views of them from all angles.

From that little swivel mirror over the kitchen sink, I can face it and cut nose and ear hair and stuff or I can tilt it slightly to the right …

And, see Mount Sutro which is two miles away but visible clearly through the West panes of my triple Bay.

Twist the little swizel slowly and you can watch anyone standing or sitting in any of the three modular book-lined areas where I envision separate Sets for my coming podcasts if they happen.

If you turn the mirror to your left slowly (while you do the dishes) …

You can see through and down the hallway covered with my closest family and friends and houses and stuff …

The little chrome encased mirror can see from the hallway right across the Queen sized bed from the Cohens and into a full length wall corner mounted mirror that has a picture (full) of guess what ?

Your fucking back !!

I swear, I can see my back as seen from my far corner of room bedroom mirror from the 6" disc over my sink.

Some of my mirrors face one another at various distances and you can see into infinity ?

Sun out again after another St. Louis type squall.

Those winds have been strong today.

Cleared bunch branches.

Manny’s has a decent (6" or so) tree limb down over his curb patio roof he’s on mta and should …

I’ll email him.


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