I meant to say the new BOS ‘Gay Caucus’ doesn’t like Peskin not Hillis and sorry to confuse you but I like Aaron for Mayor


I mean, I like Peskin for Mayor cause while the Caucus doesn’t like him, I do.

I was just kinda shaking my head inside as they talked about a guy who has fought for the people’s rights in every land use decision in the City since the three of them were in political diapers.

None of them has a single accomplishment I can think of.

All they talk about doing together is to take away more of the property rights of San Francisco home owners.

Peskin has done the opposite.

Yeah, Aaron, I say !!

Of course, if Boudin runs I’ll drop him like a hot potato.

Hey, it’s San Francisco politics.

Tonight those 3 supes each went to great lengths to establish their Progressive credentials.

Ask them if they’d welcome a Homeless Shelter or Mash level injection sites with nurses.

I don’t believe any of them has one.

I like all of these people very much.

Once Manny took over as MC and got them to come out it was hilarious.

I think he and Gonzalez are the best moderators in Town.

Eskenazi a third and totally prepared match for any guest.

I love that kind of shit.

Now, with it all on the internet I can sit back and smoke pot and Nicaraguan cigars like the cranky old sailor I am and watch em and fart if I want.

The work that clerk did during the Sham Desegregation 14 hour meetings was the very best I’ve ever seen and Arnold Townsend deserves an Oscar.

Drop all sanctions to Nicaragua and Cuba and Venezuela and you’ll get a hell of a lot fewer people leaving those countries.

Go Niners !!


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