Manny’s Launches BOS ‘Gay Caucus’


You missed a great little party for about an hour and half ago for about an hour and a half and it was the perfect end to a perfect day getting ready for the next rain deluge and I’m telling you neighbor that this part of the Mission is as drain and sidewalk cleared and I was trying not to get anxious like a kid going to a new Davey Crockett movie.

To see da Three.

Mandelman and Doresey and Engardio.

They spun a Law and Order line and I asked Dorsey after the discussion what he thought about getting together with the Mayor and putting an Amendment to the Charter to make the Office of Chief of Police elected again.

Great Legacy move I preached.

Right too.

Not my idea either.

I knew nothing of SF LE history until Michael Hennessey took me under his wing and showed me a hundred year old poster of someone running for Police Chief.

Few remember that Chris Daly floated the idea of combining the Police and Sheriff’s departments under Hennessey cause Mike was elected.

You don’t see the Mayor trying to tell the Sheriff about what he should be doing.

Should be same with Police Chief.

Went over with Rich Hillis.

He’s spent billions of the City’s money and never wasted a nichael.

They said that when they tore down the old Freeway into the foot of Oak and Fell and all that shit that the traffic would be unbearable.

At the time there were whorehouses camped into vacant rental vehicles for about a quarter mile or better under the old freeway.

Hillis took the Lego pieces and vendors and developers and State agencies and Rec and Park and …

and … ?

The traffic rolls smoothly where the old elevated freeway once stood.

Best little neighborhood park you ever saw right there calming the scene.

Heavily used.

Great playground.

Used to be a friggin’ brothel.

No pun intended by credit accepted.

Further down what used to be a cavernous stretch of land under the freeway is a very very large skateboard park and a cutie little dog park.

Neighborhood want more power over security and cleanliness ?

Hillis developed the dozen or so Community Benefit Districts.

Worked couple of years with Phil Ginsberg at Park and Rec and gave us the hugely successful Outside Lands annual jam.

Lots more too and Peskin hates his ass and why I can’t tell you.

The new ‘Gay Caucus’ don’t think much of him I’ll tell you.

They lamented that Mandelman hadn’t gotten the crown.

It was a good show.

Special congrats to my old buddy, Matt Dorsey.

Go Niners !!


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