“The Spirit was with the Black folks that night.”


Mom told this story to me long ago.

"Our church (Pentecostal) on Furnace Creek had about two dozen people having a Prayer Meeting to pray for the cure of a young woman in the congregation who had a tumor swollen up in her bellow so large that it looked like she was pregnant.

We started uh prayun and did so for over and hour or more and it wasn’t doin’ any good.

Then, someone went to the window and came back and said to come and listen to this.

The Black people had a little church across the street and down the way a good bit and you could hear them shouting and screaming even from all the way up the creek to where we were."

"The Spirits’ with them tonight."

"Let’s go down there."

And, they did.

Took whole congregation across swinging cable foot bridge that we kids loved to play on in later years when we had the Family reunions there.

"We got to the Black Church and the was very gracious.

Took us in and the whole bunch of us started praying over our sister.

"I musta been about ten and I had my arms wrapped around her waist and people black and white were speaking in tongues and some knocked to the floor by the Spirit."

" Then, just like that, the tumor disappeared !! "

"Her waist went flat and if I hadn’t of been holding her skirt it would have fell off to the Floor."

That was the basis of mom’s respect for Black people.

Here’s pics of me and mom and of her great grandkids from my branch, Tandiwe and Wesley who are now, I think 20 and 18 but I never remember.

The day of their births is easy.

Wesley was born on New Year’s Eve and Tandi was born on Lincoln’s birthday, February 12th.

Happy MLK Day my friends !!

Go Niners !!


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