“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” George Santayan


Santayana was a Spanish philosopher who worked at Harvard I believe.

He also said:

"He who does not study history is bound to repeat it."

and …

"The fulfillment of the expectation of pattern is the essential ingredient in the aesthetic experience."

Exuppery said …

"What is essential is invisible to the eye."

George Roth said:

Meaning of Life:

"Imagine you wake up and find yourself playing in a card game.
You don’t know the rules but you’re a card player so you keep playing.

Finally, you figure out the Rules of the Card game.

They are the same as the Rules of Life:

Rule 1 … You can’t win.

Rule 2 … You can’t tie.

Rule 3 … You can’t quit.

All you can hope for is to be the last to lose. "

Sir Isaac Hogben said in a preface to an English Middle School Math Text:

" Even the most brilliant mind is a prisoner within their own cultural heritage. "

Told my dad when I got hired as a firefighter that I was glad that I finally had a job with some dignity.

James Brown with no formal education replied:

" No job has dignity.

Dignity is something you bring to work with you. "

An ‘attaboy’ from Ozark firefighter:

" Even a blind hog finds some acorns. "

Another firefighter line I never heard anywhere else to shut up someone bragging or whatever:

" He’s a charter member of the Shuddacuddawuddaiftauseta International. "

Leave the quotes for today with this one:

" The more horrifying this world becomes, the more are becomes abstract. "

Cowboys and Cowgirls,

There is about 5,000 years of recorded history of our species and in that time there have been over 25,000 recorded wars.

It’s in our dna.

True, Lex Findman at MIT is working to erase that one in his AI models ?

Nevertheless, teach your children to fight.

Like all animals do.

If you cannot fight, employ a relative or pay for them to learn.

Just quick defensive moves like stomping on a toe and running.

And, what plants in the area you live can you eat raw ?

How do you make a fire in the wilderness ?

We need an entire Student Security apparatus in the entire world to teach children to defend themselves.

And, to have a chance to survive after a nuclear attack.

5 whistles and 5 cards printed with Morse code is a Media Outlet.

Leave you with a Carlos Santana:

"Happiness is not a destination or an experience; it is a decision."

Go Niners !!


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