Why doesn’t Tim Redmond like Rich Hillis ??


"someone should ask the planning department how they can present a plan to build housing that we know we can’t build?"

That’s my memory of the key line in Tim’s piece.

Well, the City put together such an unrealistic plan because they are required by State Law to do it.

Or else, they lose millions in State Funding.

Know whose idea that was ??

Voters of San Francisco.

They’re the dip shits who have elected Scott Wiener and David Chiu over and over and they’re developer shills who speak some kind of Orwellian gibberish about whatever the hell here in San Francisco for their masters (Chiu took 350 thousand from RNC to develop a program that helped elect W Bush over Gore back when.

The two got blocked in some of their efforts by local laws that were put in place to preserve neighborhood character and architecture.

Remember when Matt Gonzalez got an ordinance passed that banned chain stores in District 5 and the others followed.

Remember when we used to argue with the telecommunications giants from hood to hood over antennae radiation and won ?

Guys like Chiu and Wiener made it illegal for SF voters to block those installations now.

So, yeah, Tim, there’s someone to blame.

We have met the enemy.

The San Francisco Voters.

They dumped Judicial Reform too.

But, that’s another story.

My second point on this piece you wrote tho, Tim, is why the hell don’t you ask Rich Hillis about any of this shit ??

Peskin got you so poisoned you can’t function in that area ?

Stupid shit.

Hillis builds whole neighborhoods.

Peskin’s never built an outhouse.

How the fuck can you pretend you’ve done an honest canvas of City building without including the City’s Planning Director ??

That’s shitty reporting, Tim.

Go Niners !!


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