Carrying Katie Porter sign now


Still has, ‘No on Yes’ sign on other side of top of cane.

Was thinking back on the interview that Rep. Porter did with the boss of USPS Trump appointed on behalf of fixing the election by taking away mail boxes in black neighborhoods kind of shit.

So, Obama and Biden blamed Bernie Sanders for blocking the appointment to the Board or Commission or whomever oversees …

Obama wanted to put in Real Estate people to sell postal property as Private Delivery outfits took over USPS load and they and their only Front-Loaded Retirement system in government or industry I’m betting and Congress, again at the behest of people wanting both the the business and property of USPS …

Bernie Sanders said we aren’t putting these Speculators in these positions of Power and as Head of the Committee overseeing that I won’t hear of it.

Something like that.

Of course, Trump went ahead with dismantling USPS.

Pointed a top dog who actually runs a competitive delivery service and all that kind of outrageous shit.

So, Porter gets this guy before a committee (Trump;s Post Office) and makes it pretty clear that this dude doesn’t even know how much stamps cost.

But, he knows he wants to dismantle USPS which is a competitor and he does shit like taking giant working sorting machines out of Post Office buildings and, like I said, removing mail boxes during elections.

Here’s the kicker.

When Biden took office I breathed a sigh of relief and thought he’d surely get rid of this guy at USPS.

He did not at has not yet.

I’d forgotten that Biden was the VP when Obama began the steps wittingly or unwittingly, to destroy the Most Successful Agency in the History of the Federal Government.

It’s like a Corporate Raider thing.

They want to dismantle it and sell it’s part like they did in ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Working Girl’ both of which made heroes out of people who destroy capital inventory like factories just as surely as if the Russians had bombarded them with artillery ofr months that’s how these old steel and auto plants look now.

Biden favors it.

Same reason he’s allowing local SF Real Estate interests to maneuver the murderous transfer of battered oldsters from Laguna Honda Old Folks Home.

Cause it’s on what my shower map of 1932 San Francisco calls …

‘The Alms House Tract’

The structure there was called simply …

‘The Relief Home’

But the put the Poor House on top of a hill with a hell of a view.

I’ve watched San Francisco Real Estate covet that ‘Tract’ for 40 years and they pretty much get what they want.

Remember when the Arboretum was free?

So, gonna carry Katie around the block in the sunshine and get a paper cause I have got it made.

My neighbor, Lupe’ who is about my age left me a nice supper in a plastic container last night (she always hangs stuff from doorknob and never stays) … I’ve got the container refilled with my fresh berries and fresh orange slices and an avocado on top !

It’s so important to have good relations with your neighbors cause of the best reason in the world …

They know where you live !!



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