Quik test of Rational or Tribal encounter


I’m often lost in reading the whole threads on stuff like Nietsche’s opinions on how to get laid and 100 wises sayings and shit like that now that I’m old and have a computer and plasma screen.

I went from 40 or more hours a week watching and rewatching the Board of Supes until the Class of 2000 termed out with Daly and Maxwell finishing in 2012 to Ted Talks to satisfy my addiction to not just listening to people smarter than me talk about things that I care about but don’t have a deep beginning of understanding …

And, I get to give them advice.

Tell them they’re idiots because I know for absolutely certain …

You get the tone ?

So, Lex Findman gave two pieces of advice (he comes after Ted Talks) …

Two things I want to relay.

He says that if you’re ‘cornered’ by someone and forced to respond to something they’ve said and you want to quickly gauge them on a scale …

Ask them this …

"What are the two most important pieces of legislation your candidate has past are you proudest of ?"

Lex says, if they come up with a coherent answer to that then they’re worth talking to.

If they can’t or deflect then their support of candidate or issue is ‘Tribal’ and you’ll never change their mind or have any impact on them whatever and they’ll distort their encounter with you anyway, so you may as well just nod and acknowledge and keep on moving, dawg.

The other was (this guy talks to people like Elon Musk for couple of hours and Zuckerberg and he’s MIT AI researcher and teacher) …

The other was when he discussed how to measure candidates for a top executive position such as new Head of Twitter working under Elon Must or any other major position.

Here’s how.

You ask them about how they choose people they hire and to give some examples.

Bottom line … they might be great but if they hire on the basis of friendship or family school ties or reputation.

Turn the question back on them.

How do they evaluate hires ?

It’s a Sunny Friday in the Mission and I’m gonna see if I can walk up the hill and circle Dolores Park and carry my Katie Porter sign.




U.S. Senate

Go Niners !!


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