Why the Russian Military must be crushed


Another inspired early rise.

With a message for an audience of 20 on a good day.


This is no laughing matter that I’ve been awakened to tell you.

The worst death is starvation.

Modern dictators have used it effectively to kill millions without having to even send an Army.

The people are too weak to fight.

Soldiers die quickly in battle and are glorified.

It is different for the Starving.

The rules of Nature and man take the Stairs to Another Level of Suffering.

The kind worse than any bullet wound.

The kind that never heals.

Mothers and Fathers trade their babies for the babies of strangers.

Because they cannot bear to kill and eat their own.

I watched a North Korean defector describe how Kim Jung Un does this.

He intentionally keeps 5 million of his 25 million people in such a state of Starvation.

The woman was talking to my favorite questioner, Lex Findman when she said this.

She continued by saying that China could end all of it in a minute.

They like his antics.

He’s a dancing nuclear puppet on the fingers of Jing Pen who Jiggles his Warheads as he dances.

The only way the girl got out was to be purchased from her parents.

She said that being sold into slavery was the best thing that ever happened to her.

The Chinese lady brokered her sale in China and from there she was able to escape to Mongolia and work her way West.

She said that it was her mission to alert the people of the West to convince China to remove Kim Un Jung.

I expected Findman to be nodding up and down.

He was born in Moscow of Ukrainian parents or something and while considering Ukraine his native country, he also loves America.

Findman surprised me.

He said something along the lines that we shouldn’t vilify China as a negotiating tactic but should use love or some such shit.

Lex and I differ on some strategic matters.

The Russian dictators have starved the Ukrainian people before and replaced them with Russian emigres.

They won’t hesitate and it won’t be just the Ukranian people who’ll be starving.

Their wheat largely goes to Africa and the World Bank and IMF have fucked up that continent so badly that even populations in formerly Grain Exporting countries are starving because it has been policy to sell their 2 year reserves.

My 6th wife, the Turkish Economic Geographer explained it to me this way.

"Drought is nothing new to the People of Africa.

They plan for it by keeping two years of reserve grain in storage.

That worked for a thousand years.

Then came International Capitalism which raped and sold Her peoples into slavery for a few hundred years.

To continue to control the countries after they withdrew their troops the European Powers installed dictators or a wide variety of traditional ways to kill their people and continue the pillage of the Entire Continent …

The Capitalist founded the World Bank and IMF to keep the Poor People of the World enslaved to the White Race if you will.

They have these dictators take out huge loans to enrich their nations but, of course, they only enrich themselves.

In return they give exclusive rights to mine their oil and precious minerals and use their populations as Cheap Labor to the White European and American Capitalists who had previously used their own nations’ militaries to invade and subdue and Extract.

Having failed to repay these International Debtors they somehow sold the peoples’ grain reserves and when the expected drought did return they had no reserves and have had to often be fed with Ukrainian grain.

Ukraine has the 4th richest soil in the World.

Still, Stalin made them starve to death.

Kim Jung Un is starving 20% of his people at a time because Jeng Pen allows it.

Putin thinks like all of these people.

If you think his cutting off oil and making us use more blankets and extra layers of clothes …

think that’s tough ?

That’s cause Putin can shut down some oil pipelines.

What if he’s able to shut down the Safeway Lines ?

Oh, we won’t starve.

That’s just a metaphor for what will be happening in Africa.

The U.S. has spent 50 billion or so destroying the spearhead of the Conventional Russian Military Invasion forces.

They are rebuilding as we speak.

A lot faster than we are.

The Russians will control Ukrainian grain while the World starves.

That’s not in the Near Future.

That’s now.

People in Africa are starving as a result of and in combination with the Russian Naval Blocade in the Black Sea preventing grain shipments to Africa through Humanitarian Agencies who have to distribute it because of the Economic Models employed by the Capitalists in their own Native countries.

Virtue signaling.

Put in dollars, the Ukrainian Wheat is worth Trillions and Trillions over the next ten years.


We’re spending peanuts to hold back the Russians when we could smash them through the Ukranian dead soldiers for sure if we gave them our best equipment.

Still won’t be quick.

Russian dictators are very generous when it comes to killing their own people.

If it takes Nuclear War now to escape Mass Starvation next year and for good then, I say, let’s accept Putin’s bluff and ‘send in the marines’.

Surround Kyev with proper air defenses and ‘back engineer’ missile tracks from inside Russia and return with ten times the force.

"Russian airfield ??"

"What Russian airfield ??"

Destroy the Entire Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Then, let’s see where we stand vis a vis Negotiations.

Sorry to start your Sunday this way.

But, something told me to.

Niners in Eleven and a Half Hours !!


Rolling from along

This is a terrible time for the People in North Korea.

It is a terrible time for the People of the Ukraine.

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