You think San Franciscans don’t care about a Trashy City ??


Empresario, Manny Yekutiel has taken this Town by Storm.

We’re in the 5th year of Manny’s brilliant eponymous Community Center’s existence and it is kicking ass.

Something like over 20 of the Democratic Presidential Candidates herd of 26 came to Manny’s to talk while they were in town.

Speaking to 150 people at Manny’s can be better for your candidacy than talking to an auditorium with a few thousand.

Cause this audience at Manny’s is composed largely of what the kids today call, ‘influencers’ and they got that right.

These folks don’t just talk to their families and friends, they belong to community organizations that influence tens of thousands.

Hell, you give a good talk here it could swing the vote in your race for School Board or Supervisor or anything else.

City and State Department heads show up for Yekutiel moderated single and Panel Discussion Sessions that can get dull unless you have Manny with the mike.

Come see one for yourself.

Tomorrow evening, for instance (Monday January 23rd) there is an open Community discussion titled:

‘The Future of Valencia Corridor’ or something like that and fur will sure fly when they start talking trash.

Which brings me to today’s pictures.

I’m betting you that Manny Yekutiel’s Sunday Morning ‘Disco Trash’ project exceeds anything that any merchant or local organization can begin to touch.

This morning another group that self-organized (was that Vince?) came in to meld with Manny’s Volunteers and as you can see by the pics, the scene rocked.

Now, what does Manny do with that and his appointments to first the SF Small Business Commission and now the Board of the SF Transportation Authority … ?? …

Wudda you, friggin’ dull or something ?

He’s gotta run for D-9 Supervisor now unless he doesn’t live or can’t move here cause he’s got this hood softened up.

Newsom started this way almost exactly.

Willie Brown appointed Gavin to something to do with 4 wheel vehicles I forget which kind or which authority but he wasn’t there long before Willie appointed the kid, Supervisor wasn’t it ?

I don’t think Willie particularly liked the hungry young UC Santa Clara first baseman but he appointed him anyway.

Know why ?

Cause the Getty’s are billionaires.

Another story.

Here are the pics from Manny’s this morning.

I went hour early and picked up trash (I keep bags at home with own vest and anything I can see from my 3rd story window at 14th and Valencia is cleaned by me if need be.

Yuh know ?

Next week my Dawg network Director, Tony De Renzo and I are planning to cut a video of tips I’ve learned in my years as a janitor and kitchen cleaner and Fire apparatus wiper-downer …

It’s called:

" This is how you do it, dip shit !! "

It’s a quote from my Navy Boot Camp Company Commander, Blair K. Russell from Blouser, Main but that’s another story.

Check out Manny’s record-breaking and upbeat to the point of joyous Sunny Sunday Morning Disco Trash Pick-up just 5 hours before the Niners go against the Cowboys whom they must beat to meet the Eagles in Philly next week.

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