‘Future of Valencia’ Attend for fun at Manny’s tonite 6 to 7 pm ?


Manny’s blowing it out at the seams.

Last week’s, ‘Future of San Francisco’ packed the house.

Yesterday’s regular, ‘Disco Trash Pick-Up’ also a packed house.

The boy’s doing some seriously good shit and you should support.

Free entry to all events is $37 a month and you don’t have to fuck around with all of the registration shit.

Just show up.

Same with Joe and Lydia’s ‘Mission Local’ which keeps a crew of a dozen or so full and part-time reporters covering the Mission.

I budgeted those two enterprises last year, ML at $25 monthly.

This year I added Wikipedia for two bucks a month.

And, Katie Porter at $10 a month recurring for 2 years.

I also have my ‘Katie Porter’ sign hanging in my window facing Valencia and 14th Street and I occasionally take it for walks.

In short, much as I ever have been, I’m set for the year.

Counting the weekly Trash, Manny’s is good for a potential 100 night’s out which is more than I’ve done in years and I don’t have to feel guilty for taking advantage of freebies.

Same with Wiki and Mission Local.

I hate to see those ads for survival cash for years and never respond even a little which any of us can do.

Funny thing is that I never considered that I was able.

I’ll wear a pretty beaten up all green sweat suit outfit tonight.

Hawaiian hooded sweat from the Cohens when daughter Aimee went there as a soccer scholarship.

What can I offer to improve Valencia Street tonite ?

That was a brutal game yesterday, huh ??

I think that was the best defensive team we’ve played this year.

I listened on the radio (KNBR) and watched condensed game later.

Thataway, you can roam around doing shit and miss nothing.

The announcers give you everything and know more than tubers.

I’d rather donate to Porter and Wiki than pay for NFL broadcasts.

Wonder what da Streets of San Francisco look like today after the sweep by Manny’s crew yesterday.

Go Niners !!


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