“I came to San Francisco in 1965 too. … I was born here in the Richmond.”


Headline is from Mission District top cop, Captain McKearny or something …

I don’t mean to insult the guy’s name, hell, I’m Irish myself and I can’t spell.

So, lady in audience had said that she’d been here since 1965 and it seems that SFPD interaction with the community had decreased.

Then, of course, the other ‘special’ Native Born San Franciscans in the crowd had to do their high fives (maybe 200 in backed Manny’s thei Monday January 23rd 2023)

I hate it when people think they’re special and entitled just by accident of their birth.

Captain McCrean is part of the upper SFPD’s Irish Native cop club.

I can think of other such groups but I won’t mention them here.

"How many people do you have on Foot Patrol ?"

Several people were vehement on that one.

"I have 10 officers assigned to Foot Patrol."

Quick response from lady who asked question …

"I’ve lived in this neighborhood for twenty years and I’ve never seen a beat cop."

Series of ‘Amens’ and cheering from crowd.

The Captain is a total dinosaur cop who should be put out to pasture.

This is the guy who had to be ordered by the Mayor to take down the traffic barricades around the station.

The guy proposed building a further concrete permanent barrier wall between his new barrier and the building.

He didn’t mention if he wanted to fill it with water.

We can have a good station here in my Mission.

Soon as we get a good Reform Police Chief elected by us !!

Guy took about 45 minutes of an hour’s allotted time to look at total Future of Valencia telling us that we could not count on being friends with the cops any time soon.

He did say that despite the audience saying it was like the cops were in a "Fortress" and lotta nodding going on.

He said that anyone could attend his monthly Public Meetings and, in fact, there was one tomorrow night.

Unfortunately, no Voters are allowed at the meeting (he said to a packed house) …

People were allowed to phone in comments and 12 people did last meeting.

Manny signed him off to get to bike talk and asked him to go over in the hall just outside the door so’s people could ask him questions.

He agreed.

Perfect !!!

Place being full when I arrived late I took a standing spot next to door where Precious and Angelina were managing Manny’s ‘Future of Valencia’ gig.

Manny had just sent a christian right to an old Dawg.

I got my camera ready and moved two feet into the doorway so I could ask the guy a question I’d been asking since I started picking up shit in Clarion Gallery Alley directly across from his station …

" Captain, would you support putting a permanent Public Toilet next to the Front Door of Mission Station ? "

Some crew cut guy (hadda be a cop in civvies) …

Guy jumps in and calls out:

" That’s the job of DPW ! "

Captain McConnor was edging back toward the assembly.

What happened to taking questions from the Public in the Hall ??

He called as he faded in …

"I have to go listen to this and I’ll talk to you later when this is over."

Bullshit …

I left.

Let me answer a few of the questions people asked and McCray avoided.

1. They don’t walk Foot Patrols because they thing they’re dangerous.

We had an outfit here called, ‘Patrol Specials’ whose origins actually preceded SFPD.

SFPD has spent all of the 42 years I’ve been here whittling down Specials.

They couldn’t make an arrest.

They had to wear a special colored stripe down their pants legs.

They arrested Legendary Patrol Special Jane Warner on her death bed for not responding to a warrant for a ticket they gave her for ‘Jaywalking’ when she was patrolling her Castro beat amidst a million people.

They have overtime to pay their mortgages.

It’s guaranteed.

They stay a couple of hundred short so’s there has to be overtime cause they’re contract says they must be fully staffed.

The short-staffing is intentional and always has been.

Our present Police Chief is just a Figurehead.

The real power is with the Police Officers Association.

Nice meeting.

I didn’t stay for the bike part.

Manny said he’d think it should be less exciting than the cop part.

Everyone laughed.

Brutal, Brutal, Brutal game yesterday.

Next Sunday in Philly will be worse.

Doncha luv ittt ?


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