Mission Local comment on Captain and loos

Comment on Mission top cop at Manny’s last nite


The Mission used to be Irish many of those remaining resent the new Latinos.

One of those would be the Mission Captain.

Last year he floated building a new concrete barrier around the place.

He thinks he’s defending the Alamo.

When he finished his part Manny asked him to go outside the door and into hall so people could ask him questions.

I was first and asked if he’d support putting a permanent Public Toilet next to the Front Door of the station.

He said he had to go back inside and listen to the rest of the program and he’d talk to me later.

And, don’t keep saying the department is understaffed like that makes for fewer cops on the streets.

They are required by law to fully man personnel levels all the time !!

They give their officers overtime to fill the gaps.

The practice is reliable enuff for them to plan a mortgage on the overtime cash.

Bigger question is why did Cashman send this guy to us ?

He still doing staffing moves ?

Go Niners !


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