Must should hire Wagner troops to fight against Wagner troops in Ukraine ??


That happened in Joseph Heller’s, ‘Catch-22’.

Milo Minderbinder and his ‘M&M Enterprises’ contracted with the Germans to bomb his own airfield and then contracted with the Americans to defend it.

Using American planes.

Heller noted that there was lots of commotion in Congress about such practices but when Milo opened his books and showed how much he made, they shut up.

Sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine ?

They run on jet fuel and have to be trailed by other vehicles who service them and whatever.

Another failed weapons system like the Bradley which is also being given to the Ukrainians.

I’m semi serious on the Mercenaries.

What’s the name of the American outfit ?

Boss is good buddies with Trump ?

Let Musk hire ten thousand of them as a gift.

You want to help Ukraine ?

Give em a couple of hundred F-18’s.

The World needs Ukraine’s wheat in a Free Market.

Food is already weaponized and it’s getting worse.

The Russians completely level towns and cities with their artillery so that opposing troops have no less cover in ruins.

That’s some cold shit.

Someone please comment on this so I can see if my site vendor filters same.

Go Niners !!


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