Smyth reminds Dawg of early pro football


Simpler times.

When we didn’t have 2 or 3 mass shootings a day.

Mike recalls when only people on sidelines other than teams was a head coach and two assistants.

One for Offense.

One for Defense.

This is Pro ball, mind you.

I recalled a few other things you don’t see anymore.

Drugs being administered to players while TV cameras whirred.

And, this was best cause I was an age to take notice …

You’d often miss plays because the cheerleaders were hot and the cameraman (only one) would keep his camera on them until they’d finished a cheer and ignore the game going on behind him.

When a good player got hurt the doc would evaluate him standing by the bench and then get out a syringe and have the guy drop his drawers and give him a shot of whatever in front of God and everybody.

It’s a really swirling time for my poor vision and memory and reflexes to keep up with.

Last night it was the fast retreating back into the ‘safety’ of Manny’s main room was the Mission District Station Commanding Officer.

Am I that scary ?

He was the one with the gun.

Scared of a question, he was.

"Captain, will you support putting permanent Public Toilets outside of your station next to the Front Door?"

"It would be great PR?"

That was the question he ran from cause he probably knows that I’m the guy running the Petition to Recall Mayor London Breed as a tool, among other things, to get a Public toilet at each end of Clarion Gallery Alley and his Precinct is right there.

Make sense ?

So, just wanted to make Football reference on this week as we tense up and wait for the flight to Philly.

What’s the pejorative for Philadelphia ?

What do you Frisco people think ?


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