Russians have been Colonizing Ukraine


I was wondering why so many Ukrainians are fleeing into Russia and it hit me.

They’re Russians !!

Just as early White people left England and elsewhere to come to America.

They came desiring property that already belonged to someone else.

What a fucking drag.

Watching an Austin U. history professor talking to Lex Fridman …

"Best vehicle to move people is stories …

Not with debate."

And remember what the two Santayana/Santana ..’s said …


"Only the dead have seen the end of war."

Carlos said:

"Happiness its not a destination.

It is a decision."


On Niners?

Start next year same as this.

Start with the the First Round Pick again.

Offer Garroppolo 10 million to play second string.

Reward Purdy with a Ten Million bonus.

Otherwise, Stand Pat.


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