Everything you’ve ever written can be reversed with a keystroke …

Friends who write,

The meaning of everything you’ve ever written can be changed using the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer)

It’s probably already happened to you as it has to me in a beginning form.

Ever notice that something you’ve written in an email or text or something suddenly has a key word changed in the text that changes the entire meaning of what you meant to say ?

A, ‘friendly’ ? editor I must have invited in like a Vampire thru agreeing to my Terms of Service shit.

You make the change and chuckle about it with friends but I’m realizing as I am awakened to type during the ‘Witching Hour – 3 to 4 am – zero traffic under my window …

I start reading about this new …

"neural network machine learning model trained using internet (or, personal if you’re the FBI and dealing with Dr. King or h. brown?) data to generate …

using internet data to generate any type of text "

For instance, after you’ve died and gone to hell or wherever (that’s a joke) …

Someone will be able to change the history of your life (or, while you’re alive) …

They’ll be able to say …

"If you do a Google search you’ll find that h. brown was a high school dropout con-man bank robber."

And … ??

They’ll be right.

Plus, everything I’ve ever written could have been changed just as the ‘over my shoulder word processor algorithm’ did to me and that was only one message in which my entire belief system was misrepresented.

How about the entire work of your lifetime ?

The more I read, the more I’m expecting Gary Larson’s men in white coats with clipboards to show up at my front door and tell me …

"It’s time to go home, Eddie."

Imagine if history showed that Tim Redmond had spent his entire career as an apologist for PG&E.

Or, that Matt Smith’s work were to suddenly make any sense.

Joe Eskenazi becomes a Klan member in GPT history ?

Not possible ?

Well, history is written by the victors and the bad guys are winning.

But, it’s not history I’m worried about.

It’s Larson’s guy and gal at the door in white coats and clipboards with the news .
"We faked it all as an experiment."

"It’s time to go home, Eddie."

It’s been such a fun ride when you think about it.

For which as Bob Seeger put’s it, people will …

"Payun’ anything to roll the dice just one more time."

Which is my theme song and let’s close with it …


"The trick you said, is never play the game too long."

Boudin for Mayor !!


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