You have to trust Google with both your creative future and past


"I know this place."

That’s a line from a person describing a DMT experience to Lex Fridman.

Same with ‘terminus’ of this morning’s Dawg talk on GPT-3 and its successors.

Like the Dominion Voting Machines (shit, they tell you in their name!) …

Like the Dominion Voting Machines, the GPT-3 project asks you to trust their Proprietary codes not to fuck you over and steal not just your votes but every love letter or contract or pizza order you ever made online.

Elon Musk insisted with his initial 10 million dollar investment that the algorithms running the system be Open Source and free to the World.

With Musk out, Google has maneuvered to use 11 billion of their bottomless pit to toss out the Open Source Code and Free to User aspects.

Now, you won’t know if the company founded by the Russian boys to …

"First, do no harm."

Nope, they killed the ‘Open Source’ code Musk insisted upon.
In Musk’s words, Google has, "Captured" GPT-3.

Now, you won’t know what the work of the ‘Generative Pre-trained Transformers’ is doing to your work.

And, your vote.

The ‘Big Lie’ about elections today is not that the ARE fixed.

I’m not saying that.

I’m saying that they CAN be fixed and all our politicians have to do to cure the problem is to go to Open Source Voting.

And, THEY WON’T !!!

They won’t let you know that their counting machines for all areas are programmed with a Left or Right bias depending upon which way they choose to turn their trillions of On/Off switches.

Plus, not only do they get to control you and your kids reading and ‘help’ you with your writing …

They get 75% of the ‘Non-Profit’ outfit’s Profit.

For fucking you Future and Past.

How you dealing with Niners loss ??

More time on your hands like me ?

Katie Porter for United States Senator from California !!!

There’s a project for you.


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