“My jail is probably the largest mental health facility in this country today.”


George Gascon said that during a Panel Discussion at SF State last week while sitting next to the present DA of San Francisco.

Those who lounge around the dugout and locker room of local Criminal Justice will realize that Gascon was giving a verbal back of the hand to Present Company for a case she fucked up during his tenure I believe in which she wanted Heavy Hammer for an insane defendant who did not belong in any regular prison population.

So, she got overruled and quit cause they were too soft on people and she stole some files as she went out the door and said she was gonna volunteer to smear the New Day by then, Chesa Boudin.

So, that’s much as I recall for back scenery for George’s comment.

Which reminded me of the time I wrote that SF certainly did have Universal Health Care including Mental Health cause Hennessey was running the biggest Mental Health Facility in San Francisco.

So, I’m watching hours on AI and I may rethink my plans about getting an Inflate-a-Date …

Go Niners !

Today David Lombardi (new favorite Niners Pod guy) …

Today he showed a huge Tavern at the Ski Lodge where he’s partying and has some kind of rig that allows him to walk in circles if he wants while filming.

Note that, Tony ??



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