Soooo, SF Human Resources will choose Power-Grab Sheriff’s Commission


S.L.U.G. was a great idea perverted by Mohammed Nuru and Willie Brown.

I was there.

It was a job for cons just outta the joint and sounded great.

Planting trees and shit like that would chill them and bring love from the people.

When this Miller lady introduced Mohammed to Willie, Brown quickly realized that he could use Mohammed’s ‘gardeners’ as Election Goons to tear down Gonzalez signs and shit like that.

They showed up at a Gonzo/Gavin debate and put the fear of a Southern Baptist God into the people who showed up to watch or, for goodness sakes, carry a Gonzalez sign.

So, story goes on.

Complaints are made (from me amongst others) and the Con/Gardener group is disbanded and Mohammed was w/out a job.

For about five minutes til Willie’s 3rd Director of Elections in 2 years announces Newsom is the winner.

Willie insists Mohammed’s Enforcers get City employment and to push the thing along he makes Nuru second in charge at DPW where he terrifies people in Staff meetings so much that they had to put Ed Lee over there to control him.

So, we got a job for the Leader of the Band.

What about his crew ?

Well there’s I think just under twenty of them and HR did shit like you never saw in your life to get those guys City jobs.

It ended with firing City Workers whom Willie had kept as legally ‘Temps’ but had worked and were expert and they beat the shit out of Mohammed’s gang on first San Francisco Department of Human Resources test.

So, with a bit of encouragement from Willie, SF Human Resources rewrote the test to be weighted heavily favoring the part where the ex-con get’s interviewed by Mohammed or something like that.

That,s the HR department they just handed choice of Chief Investigator on the new Power Grab of another elected officials realm …

They’re crooks and not to be trusted.

Let’s go back to us Voters and delete this unneeded commission !!

Go Niners !!


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