Biden spends more time in the graveyard than any live man I know


Joe Biden got so accustomed to being the featured speaker at funerals of everyone from Heads of State to gang bangers that he mixes in a little Obit scene with everything he does.

That’s what a Vice President does.

Not a President !

He’s dug up his hero son’s coffin and dragged it all over the World.

And, yet, when I said last year that he should give all Vets Free Dental to honor his son, the Vet ???

"No fucking way, h. !!!"

You know, he even included it in his State of the Union last year.


After I sent him about 50 emails whining and cursing and screaming in as dignified way as I could just to get his attention.

50 pleas for making Dental Care a guaranteed benefit for 8.3 million vets.

Numbers crunchers say that it would cost the government less to stop outsourcing everything to Aspen Dental Empire who has every member of Congress and White House on Speed Dial.

Biden actually made a point in that speech of saying that there was no way that Vets were going to get Dental.

Where the fuck do I think I am, Cuba !?!

Mark my words.

These SF Realtors are Family Empires whose goals are passed on generation to generation.

Walter Shorenstein once said that he could spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom in the White House anytime he wanted no matter which party was in power.

When Donald Fisher bought his membership to the Olympic Club and stretched out on a lawn chair looking up at the magestic redwoods he said what so many other people have said before …

"We don’t need all these fucking trees !!

They’re a fire hazard and we have to thin them out.

I know, I’ll have my sons’ logging company do the job !!"

They did too.

And, bought up logging rights for half of Mendocino Country.

Where others see natural beauty in the wilderness ??

The Fisher Family hates natural grass and trees.

They maneuvered thru Aaron Peskin to take control of all of the City’s Soccer Fields and tore up the grass and replaced it with asphalt topped with shredded cancer-causing rubber tires.


How’d I get on this topic from Biden in the graveyards of America.

My left Morton’s toe hurts like hell.

Go David Lombardi !!


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