Go to 1:47 of this tape and watch 3 Mod Supes mock Phone Callers


As the Peskin-inspired legislation to Curtail Phone Public Comment is opened to the Public to telephone in their comments the shit hits the fan.

Just as Aaron knew it would when he replaced Walton on the committee that day.


Giving himself plausible deniability for being in Dallas that afternoon the Board prez pretended to not notice his colleagues (Mandelman/Dorsey/Safai) cutting up and laughing at the Public supplications.

Aaron ?

He’s just busy with his head turned in a different direction (listening to the caller he’ll later say and overlooking the bad manners of his rookie charges, Dorsey and Mandelman) …

One exasperated caller finally just blurted out:

" I wish you’d at least listen to Public Comment about Public Comment. "

Mandelman and Dorsey and Safai found that a real knee slapper.

Honestly, you’d think this would kill their chances at ever getting elected again.

I remember about 20 years ago when Aaron decided he was gonna reform Muni.

I’ll wait for the laughter to settle down.

Called, ‘Prop A’ and by the time all ‘interested parties’ got finished with it, Peskin (its Author) didn’t even vote for it himself.

I bring this up because there was one particular part in Prop A that I recall hating and fighting with Peskin about.

The Taxicab Commission !!

Best TV show til ‘The Wire’.

Gritty and real.

Watched driver/teacher lady with name beginning with ‘R’ I think who said she had fares who ignored her and one said he had the gun that killed Milk and Moscone cause it had been his responsibility to cut it up and he’d cut up another and saved the murder weapon.

That was just one cab driver story and they went on for hours and hours in the most authentic details.

Peskin hated it and wrote them out of existence.

"People can still go complain but it won’t be televised."

Bring back the Taxi Commission !!

And, ‘Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman’ !!


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