I almost expected Biden to announce an amnesty for Laguna Honda


Watch the State of the Union last night ?

Getting more like a meeting of Parliament.

With all of his talk about Old People and Medicare and Medicaid I was hoping that Biden would order his Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra to rescind the George W. Bush legislation that created CMS.

Here’s short history of how this started to now …

On July 30th, 1965 Lyndon Johnson went to Independence to finish the Medicare part of Harry Truman’s ‘Fair Deal’.

Took Republicans 36 years slip in an amendment giving the Medicare/Medicaid disbursal agency the power to close facilities at whim.

It is completely disgusting to me to watch the hammerhead bureaucrats roll over these noble doctors and nurses and suffering patients and no one calls out Biden and his HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra to stop this shit.


Y’all who are football fans and serious about it get with David Lombardi.

Looks like he has like under 50,000 watchers and he’s best since Madden.

And, he’s 23 and get’s married on May 6th.

He tells you stuff like that while taking you for a ride in a completely sans driver cab ride and skiing and to restaurants and bars.

Ahhh, technology.

There’s not much technology to stealing old peoples’ homes.

You just find a loophole in a piece of legislation and then expand your exploitation to catch Laguna Honda.

Ultrasound this morning at 8am.


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