“Hello” from Matt Gonzalez on his visit to Senior dawg


Now, I’m not really bashful and I have been watching myself for 78 years and overall I’m helluva good guy who has accomplished much good.

I can’t light enuff candles for guys like Matt Gonzalez.

And women like Neska and Angela Alioto and Krissy Keefer and Mona Cummings.

Matt and Mano Raju are handed over 20,000 cases a year.

Everywhere else in the Country if you have a Public Defender then you are fucked.

In San Francisco you get what even the Office’s detractors admit is …

A Million Dollar Defense.

So, Matt ran for VP with Ralph Nader one year.

His collages sell fast as he makes them.

I tried to give him a little sack of cigar covers and he forgot them but those are ‘raw materials’ and I learned a couple of decades ago that Matt won’t take anything unless you really sell it to him.

I had a painting he’d admired all ready to go and it didn’t go home with him.

He hosted our weekly ‘Salons’ for a couple of years at his place in Alamo Square and it was all leather and cigars and rotating great works of art all over all of the walls and another strong cache organized in a closet and he knows where everything is.

He’s defending a guy in a murder case now.

He’s always taken a tough case now and then to keep his hand in.

He’s hell of a writer on subjects from LE to art and curates shows too.

Remember the ‘Zarate’ case ?

Slow witted illegal immigrant down on Pier off Embarcadero.

‘Steinle’ case the press went with and it was accidental shooting.

Matt proved Zarate was innocent one brick at a time for 5 weeks.


Donald Trump went ape shit !

Once we were hanging out on a Sunday probably and went by the old artist’s house and another time the guy wanted to drive (it was his car but Matt insisted he’d do the honors) …

So this guy is in his 90’s and has this really fancy big rig of an exercise machine he wants to get rid of and it ends up at the Cohens and it did some moving around and their son who wanted to be a cop but got turned down by SFPD (he used me as a reference) …

So, Steffen really used that machine and went to Law School at Santa Cruz I think and then into the Navy Jag corps and is Legal Adviser to the Base Commander at Guantanamo.

Not good enuff for SFPD ?

Where was I ?

Yeah, sharing Matt’s visit.

I had two quality cigars and we fired up and he admired my nest.

I feel really good that people are happy when, what did he say ?

"You landed good, h.."

I did too.

So, we waited for Marc and Silas who were on bikes cruising the town and then went down to, ‘Stuff’ and I hope they worked out their lease.

So, I had never been in the place and it looks a lot like my place.


I’m killing time til the Super Bowl is over cause I won’t steal a signal but you can watch entire thing w/out commercials or announcers in 15 minutes a half hour after the game is over.

Spent the morning as most Sundays, picking up Trash with Manny’s Disco Crew.

As a resident of the hood just 2 blocks down (north) from Manny’s, I really appreciate the change in the hood since Manny created his brigade.

People are starting to accept the volunteers and 16th and Mission hasn’t been this clean since the Spanish soldiers set up their first latrine here.


It is a great crew at Manny’s.

This morning’s Front Restaurant behind the copper bar crew were Allison the new girl and my fave whatshername.

I really am getting oldtimers moments.

I’m gonna write it off to the weed tho and smoke some more.

Hmmmm … game has been on an hour and a half.

When I do this (radio) w/Niners I sometimes get ‘spoilers’ from neighbors for a block down Valencia when the Niners score.

Lately, I’ve been listening to the games on the radio and they’re far better announcers than any on TV.

KNBR has rocked forever.

I only phoned in one time.

Had been down to Fresno and Chris Cummings who was Majority Owner of the Grizzlies at that time (he got 5 World Series rings from his Triple A franchises)

Chris gave me full run of the place and it was Bucket List shit all the Time with Chris and I’m gonna slow down here cause he died a few months ago.

See you later, big guy.

So, I’m listening to KNBR and absorbing my time with the Grizzlies and just had to tell someone about what I’d seen (Posey was still down there and I ran a "Where’s Buster" campaign with Sean Elsbernd who said:

"They’re gonna have to trade Bengie (Molina)" and he was right.

So …

I phoned in to tell these guys that the Giants had a pitcher on the Grizzlies who could hit the ball further than any pitcher since Babe Ruth.

They kind poo poo’d me and I said that when this guy took batting practice the entire team stopped what they were doing to watch.

It was true.

Guy was and is Madison Bumgarner.

Well, I open with Gonzo’s visit to da dawg not so ‘shut-in’ and end with Madison Bumgarner.

Nice book ends.


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