Ronen hates the Greek Orthodox People !!


This new Cathedral is across the street from my home.

Jesus Christ, the entire BOS hates em.

Unanimously rejected an Appeal to save a Church fifty grand.

The Church’s rep said he cudda brought a hundred people and he could too.

I can’t believe the Board refuses this.

This block is blessed to have both the Greek Orthodoz]x Church and School.

Across the street is the fab Quaker School and let me tell you buddy, this neighborhood used to be dangerous as shit and it ain’t now and that is because the City spent many many millions tearing down the Projects in the next block and making it into a Senior Community and then ???

and then ?

They built the best protected bike lanes/student/worshipper islands there.

That’s why I’m shocked they didn’t help the Greeks.

Fifty grand out of a 12 billion dollar budget ?

Wonder if Hillary would have led this rejection if she wasn’t termed out ??

Go Niners !!

Boza’s gonna get 30 million with bunch deferred per David Lombardi


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