Third Leg of Public Land Grab is USPS Land


The Post Office has the most desirable land in the U.S..

Darrell Issa tried to drive them bankrupt a couple of decades back by saddling them with the totally unique burden of funding their Pension Fund …

now, get this shit …


Still, they’ve made money so that didn’t work.

Then, under the Obama administration there was a move to place people who favored taking the Post Office apart as Trustees to that Organization.

Obama did that.

well, he tried.

Bernie Sanders stopped him.

Pissed Realtors all over America off believe me.

So, Trump comes in and promptly puts in a guy who actually owns a Company competing with USPS (Le Joy is it?) …

Guy tries desperately to use USPS to swing election to Trump.

Takes out mail boxes in poor neighborhoods all over the country because they vote for Democrats in those neighborhoods.

Closes down and scraps perfectly good expensive sorting machines.

You know, that kind of shit you’d expect from a sabateur.

Thank God we elected Biden who had to be champing at the bit to fire this clown who nearly cost him the election ??

Not so much.

Biden keeps him.

Remember that Biden was Obama’s VP when Barrack tried to sneak these Wall Street Real Estate types intent on selling off USPS Land …

When Barry and Joe tried to Fuck the Post Office the last time.

The Triad of Public Lands Realtors Salivate about:


Any School Districts’ Land

Public Medical Facilities Land

Hell, add more I’ve watched them go after …

They grabbed Public Golf Course at Harding

They fenced off and put a Pay Booth on SF’s Arboretum

Newsom gave SF Civic Auditorium to a Private Entertainment Promoter whose enterprise is named for a man who backstabbed Chet Helms and then stole money from the Grateful Dead who laughed about it …

Somehow, this Bill Graham guy becomes this Public Hero in his grave.

Their First Move ??

They tossed out Newsom’s ‘Homeless Connect’ (actually Alex Tourk’s idea) outta what used to be the SF Civic Auditorium.

Shit, Newsom and Schwarzenegger tried to sell almost all of the government buildings in Civic Center to unnamed Eastern European interests who would rent them back to us.

Make sense ??


Tossed Public outta Golden Gate Stables long ago.

I trace the beginnings of our demise as a Great country to be when we elected Dwight David Eisenhower as President in 1952.

My first campaign.

Dwight began reducing taxes on the wealthiest Americans which had been at 90% of income in the higher cases.

I forget (cause I was only 10) how much he was able to lower Rich peoples’ taxes in his 8 years but it must have been 30 or 40%.

Reagen took care of the rest.

Now, we pay the Rich.

And, they want more.

Reminds me of a night on ‘Vicksburg’ at our mini-Hippie Commune when my buddy, Roscoe staggered in drunk as an Irishman can get and felt his way along the kitchen wall toward his bedroom like he was on the ledge of a hundred story building and he turns back slowly to look at those of us at the kitchen table getting fucked up at our own pace and imparted these words of wisdom:

"Too much … is not enuff."

First time I’d ever heard it and Chaise Lounge immediately posted it to the refrigerator door.

Don’t know why I put that in …

Ahhhh, it’s gotten to be the Witching Hour at 3:23am.

Ideas flow.

Go Niners !!



All have regulations in form of either all the time or damned near all of the time Fees to keep out the riff raff.

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