Just pull the leg of your loosely fitting sweat pants up far nuff to reach your Thang


Uh huh, that’s photo below meant to add fact content to my Life File.

Taking a piss when you’re in the middle of a long walk can suck.

After a few years you plan ahead by always clearing your inner body of all waste ready for disposal.

That’s first and, first thing on returning.

Pants in pic below show three ways to be prepared to take a piss quickly when you’re wearing a stack of 3 back braces.

Best is if the pants have an easily accessible zipper in front like the cargo pants that also score high for having deep pockets on sides and plenty of extra for stuff like little bag of weed and lighter and small sandpaper for fingertips which is just for all day I find myself finding drying points of calluses shedding naturally but annoying when you type.

I cut a slit in one set of sweat pants and just make sure to wear dark colored skivvies underneath and that’s easy.

Toughest is like the green pants that are fab to wear and soft and old when I got em and so I just am able to hike the leg of the pants from the ankle up.

There, now you didn’t need to know that but I wanted to put it in my Total File.


I’m joking about a video I watched last night of techie going back ten years to see if the predictions he made ten years ago came true.

Tom Cox, I think ?

Anyway, he’s an expert and I’d watched his videos over last couple of years in a failed effort to gain independence from begging help from friends on my machines and, oh lord, the phone.

I think I’ll walk up to top of Dolores Park and see if I can make a video using my ‘Joy Stick’.

Hmmmm, that doesn’t sound right.

Go Niners !!


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