No using visual aids in this School District


This teacher just up the Road from Frisco is busted for using one gesture (nazi salute) and one pamphlet (demagogic) to catch the students attention which is not the easiest thing to do sometimes.

He succeeded.

I was reminded of my Missouri gay cousin who decorated his classroom with all sorts of banners and pamphlets and protest signs to demonstrate the range of sometimes violent insanities seeking to sway students and the harm they’ve caused over recent Human history.

He capped it off by Coming Out to his class and thus the entire World which included the local Conservative School Board and Media.

Unlike in the teacher’s case this morning, no one mentioned all of the homophobic and nazi and Klan literature hanging on Rodney Wilson’s walls in his classroom in Missouri.

Shit, they probably have some of that stuff hanging on some of their walls and it’s for real and they mean it.

Course, cuz put the stuff up in order to give the students a bit of what t.s. eliot called:

Objective Correlative.

Meaning, it is easier to relate/teach an idea or concept if you can, at the same time, present a concrete example of that construct in the ‘Real’ world.

Hist classroom looked like the opposing front row signs of an angry rally with the cops in the middle.

Not only did no one complain about the Concentration Camp decals or homemade hate signs.

Damn, dude, they even praised it as did his students a couple of decades later even.

They cared that my cousin, Rodey Wilson is Gay.

Line wasn’t …

"Do you want a teacher including visual aides to enhance a class lesson warning against all kinds of organized hate?"


Only zeroed in on …

"Do you want a GAY teacher including visual aides to enhance a class lesson warning against all kinds of organized hate?"

Then boiled it down to their real BIGOT/HOMOPHOBIC complaint …

"Do you want a GAY teacher … "

So, I don’t know how to put two links in one message w/out losing whole mess so I’ll post this first and then link to the entire film made about Rodney Wilson.


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