Population if World’s #1 Problem next to Nuclear War


Manny’s just finished his Tuesday to Friday series of Presentations at his eponymous Community Center and it was great …

Didn’t solve anything and, except for dis dawg, no one offered new ideas.

My new idea was that we should move every single tent and other form of homeless encampment off of the streets and sidewalks of San Francisco and move the entire shebang onto Treasure Island.

Where they’ll be united with hundreds of Porta Potties and wash stations and turf to drive their tent stakes into for when the great stormy rain storms hit.

I suggested that because the rising sea and sinking island had made development of that 500 acre flat land an impossible place to live within the next ten to twenty years that it made no sense to build structures there anchored in mud.

I asked Jennifer Freidenbach, the head of the Homeless Coalition if she’d agree to having her people moved to the island.

She was still thinking about it when the Pro Homeless crowd started getting ugly and this aging bulldog slunk out the back door.

I did get near an hour of film of the event and I’ll ask Tony to upload the thing to YouTube from which we can pluck a link for the blog I think.

We’re uh gonna see.

Go Niners !!

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