My ‘Open Source’ Research on Voting Machines


The Right-Wing has gone nuts these past couple of years claiming that the 2020 National Election was stolen thru the use of Dominion Voting Machines.

An addendum to this claim is a further claim that Dominion is partially held by the family of Hugo Chavez or the Dominican Government.

Dis dawg once heard someone at a party in San Francisco say that they’d heard that someone else told their cousin who told her priest who told his shrink who can’t keep his mouth shut that Chavez had ordered voting machines from a place in Oakland.

I don’t know about you but I always believe everything I hear.

So, when Trump tossed out a statement as Fact that Hugo was part owner of Dominion I started to wonder.

Was this any way related to that rumor I’d heard while drunk and high 20 years before ?

Here’s the start of my search before I lose my ‘book marks’ on the material.

Initial research seems to indicate that if anyone knows the Final Truth as to whether Dominion Voting Machines’ Algorithms can be fucked around with.

DESI was run by Bob Urosevich, starting in 1976. In 1979, Bob Urosevich founded, and served as the President (through 1992) of, American Information Systems, now known as Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S), becoming a chief competitor to DESI. Todd Urosevich, Bob’s brother, was Vice President, Aftermarket Sales, of Election Systems & Software, Inc.

In 1995, Bob Urosevich started I-Mark Systems, whose product was a touch screen voting system utilizing a smart card and biometric encryption authorization technology. Global Election Systems, Inc. (GES) acquired I-Mark in 1997, and on 31 July 2000, Bob Urosevich was promoted from Vice President of Sales and Marketing and New Business Development, to President and Chief Operating Officer. On January 22, 2002, Diebold announced the acquisition of GES, then a manufacturer and supplier of electronic voting terminals and solutions. The total purchase price, in stock and cash, was $24.7 million. Global Election Systems subsequently changed its name to Diebold Election Systems, Inc.[citation needed]

Name change[edit]

In late 2006, Diebold decided to remove its name from the front of the voting machines in what its spokesperson called "a strategic decision on the part of the corporation".[3] In August 2007 Diebold Election Systems changed its name to "Premier Election Solutions" ("PES").[1]

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