Here’s a link and we DO have such a weapon but only for Air Defense


Here’s link to a U.S. Laser weapon that has already been used by the Israelis (they’ve done our field testing for decades) …

the Israelis have shot down drones with it and instead of an, ‘Iron Dome’ this doohickey is called an …

‘Iron Beam’

Here’s the link and don’t try to buy one of these at Toys R Us tho the Russians do buy missile parts there.,militaries%2C%20including%20the%20United%20States.

Bottom line in this train of thought as evaluated by this dawg is that if the Americans deploy this weapon in Ukraine ??

A sufficient number of them could destroy not just the new Russian 6k mph missile but also every other missile of any size they might launch from anywhere.

Whoa, that’s some heavy shit.

I’m gonna go back to watching Lex Fridman and Joe Rogan trying to figure out how to make us each a Robo girlfriend.

I like this Laser weapon thing.

Wonder if we already have them in Space ?

Elon Musk should know.

Anyone got his contact info ?

Other than the tail number on his jet, pricks.

Go Niners !


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