The huge portable toilet pictured as you scroll goes to Treasure Island


A bit down are couple of pics of a portable toilet sitting on Haight Street alongside the park atween upper and lower Haight with the high hill where the guy cut off his lover’s head and then tried to burn his body in a trash barrel.

You can’t do that shit in San Francisco !

Nope, not at all.

He got almost a year behind bars for it and then tried to kill someone else and burn down their house.

Sorry, chasing rabbits there.

Anyway, the Mayor has about 3 dozen of these units and 24 of them are in storage.

They should immediately be moved to Treasure Island equally spaced around and just inside the boulders surrounding the sinking island which is why it can be used for the homeless cause, much like them, its chances of survival are ultimately slim.

Add a hundred Porta Potties spaced atween the large units.

This would also be a good spot to station SFFD’s ‘Dynamic patrol’ ambulance vehicles too.

Needs a fully equipped Fire Engine and crews too.

Soup kitchens on wheels.

A pot shop or two.

Liquor stores.

Then go to a campsite with a large truck and yellow short bus.

Load all of the gear from several campsites on the truck.

Load the campers in the bus.

Convey all to the Island and plop them down.

An old frenemy said I would be sending the Poor into "Exile".

Well, not really.

You can’t come back from Exile until authorities agree.

You can sleep on Treasure Island for free and come back to San Francisco in a ten minute bus ride and party 24/7 if you want.

You just can’t set up a fucking tent and live on the sidewalks !!

Go Niners !!


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