“When you’re in the pocket you’re in the pocket, Mr. President.”


I believe it was McNamara who said that when a president asked him if they couldn’t harden our missile silos to withstand a nuclear blast.


Both the Russians and the U.S. can land a warhead going 26,00 mph in the center of a football field from a distance of 7,000 miles.

The temperature at the epicenter of the blast is ten times or more the temperature on the surface of the sun.

Not even atoms can remain intact at that kind of temperature.

It all turns into a kind of plasma of electrons and protons or whatever the fuck.

No, we don’t have concrete that strong.

But, dug in under a foot of dirt and protected by an SF Hill or in the Rose Pak Subway tunnel you could easily survive an initial attack.

Go Niners ??


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