Dems should drop Harris and move to Porter as Biden Running Mate


Kamala came through her campaign headquarters at Walter Wong’s giant warehouse in SF’s Mission scolding the PAID phone workers to stop fucking off and turn and burn or it was their ass.

The crew at cheap pizza atop the folding tables.

That was Kamala Harris running for a City office.

She commented during her brief Presidential run that another candidate was being ignored or some shit because they weren’t considered in the:

‘Upper rung’ did she say ?

‘Upper tier’ was it ?

Did she learn about the notion that there are untouchable people from her mother ?

Let me bottom line this quickly.

I’ve watched Kamala Harris for her entire career and for whatever my reputation may be as a judge of character (I have an MA in Special Ed) …

I think Vice President Harris is an insecure low bandwidth social climber with no vision.

Someone lots smarter than me and how hard can that be once said something to the effect of:

Without Vision the People Die

Something like that.

Biden, for all his flaws has always been a smart cookie who elbowed his way to the top cause he was too ugly to sleep his way there.

No Pun intended.

The President has a pretty good chance of dying within the next 4 years.

Me too.

He’s 80 and I’ll be 79 next month.

I’ve prepared a one page Will that takes care of all of my possessions and responsibilities.

If it goes my way I’ll be ashes and a memory w/in 24 hours.

Joe’s got some more extensive plans.

Most Important is to leave the Presidency of the United States of America to someone who is completely confident and a brilliant visionary warrior with the balls to stand up to Donald Trump.

That ain’t Kamala Harris.

It’s Katie Porter.

How much Jimmy G. gonna get ?

I hear he may go back to Beantown.



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