I’m making Quazi Moto look good


Would you go out in the rain with this face ?

Subject upwards of a hundred people to that mug ?

Is the Disco Trash Pick-Up worth it ?

Yeah, probably I’ll just not go into the joint.

Clear the storm drains at the corner of 16th and Valencia well and go home.

The Acid Burn Recovery is actually going well.

I generally over-do whatever I do and that includes trash and skin treatments.

I put too much of the acid on for too long just to make sure.

Haven’t had any really negative effects over the years.

This Look is two days into Recovery which normally takes a month anyway.

Swelling is down from Friday when doctors told me to go to Recovery Phase.

I’ll take that.

Walked to Safeway up the hill at Market and Church.

Planning to catch 6am fresh donuts and bread.


Woman said maybe 7:30 which I’ll note and come at 8am tomorrow.

Did get fresh Sourdough and some packaged muffins.

A gallon of orange juice with pulp.

I’m easy to please.

Go Niners !


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