My new Fave Ukraine War G0-to


I’m enjoying following this war and reinforcing my own knowledge base by watching History videos of wars in region going back 2,000 years.

Lotta blood poured there I’m saying cause of the Wheat Fields.

People 2,000 years ago didn’t give a shit about computer element rocks.

It took me a few hours to get used to the guy’s youth but finally realized he has his shit together lots more than the dried-out generals on Mainstream feeds.

He does individual pieces of types of tanks as do many people but he’s ridden in them as an infantryman which gives an edge to his credibility.

He tells you how they rearranged things inside troop transport armor to increase their carrying capacity by 20 or twenty five percent.

Listen to his segment within this piece where he explains how Ukrainians are able to lay mines ‘behind’ advanced Russian armor who are then caught between the rock and the mother fucking hard place.

Another military emblem arrived via ebay.

It’s a sewn patch that reads:

USS Richard E. Byrd


Will sew it on my Army Field Jacket that’s becoming what old Hippies call, ‘my colors’ … Don’t see them much anymore cause in olden Hippie days the basic coats were of leather tho generally brown cause Hells Angels wore black and you didn’t want to piss them off tho knowing one of their meth cookers was always a good idea.

There, photos of same should be up and I’ll stick this over them.

Lotta stories in those photos.

I’m following the Normal path of aging for my type where I flash back upon my military background as being very important in my life and it certainly was not.

Women and Politics has been what this boy’s life has had as Meaning.

Toss in some Sports Obsession and all else was a way to make a living while chasing women and arguing politics.

Religion too.

I argue Religion.

Educational and Justice Reform are taking Center Stage more often in where I focus my fading Time.

So, I could tell you Navy stories for hours and when Tony and I get my Dawg Site recharged I’ll do just that.

Go Niners !!


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