Boy, did I misjudge new Congressman Dan Goldman of NY


You watch the Trump impeachment hearings where a tough young Lead Counsel for the Democrats ate Jim Jordan’s lunch as it were ?

Guy impressed the shit out of me but I didn’t put any cash on him and that’s lucky.

Turns out the guy can flip around and use his skills as a lawyer to hobble the likes of my Super Hero, Matt Taibbi too.

Oh, he didn’t go at it toe-to-toe with the Mongolian League muscle man.

He just didn’t let him talk.

Goldman simply went about insulting Elon Musk since the subject was Twitter and what Taibbi had found in their files.

Bottom line was that this time around, Goldman was in favor of the FBI and any number of Private Corporations going to the ‘Old’ Twitter of last year with literally, lists of people they wanted banned and having their requests met.

Goldman countered the fact that Taibbi would easily beat Goldman on any level that involves the mind or body.

Dan just didn’t let Taibbi speak.

He’d take the 5 minutes allotted each member of the panel and spend 4 minutes and 50 seconds insulting Taibbi and Musk and allow ten seconds for Matt to answer either, ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

No other words allowed to be spoken by the Twitter investigator.

And, fucking asshole, Goldman got personal during his comments.

Other Democrats on panel copied the Goldman model.

How could I have been so wrong about this guy ?

Went to Wikipedia and felt warm and happy that I give them two bucks a month.

Goldman’s worth a quarter billion dollars !

Levi-Strauss money (grandfather)

He thinks ‘Single-Payer’ health care is, "unrealistic" (tell that to rest of industrialized World) …

He’s a homophobe and liar by conduct.

When running for Congress last year he said that only reason he had not marched in an LGBTQ parade before was that it wasn’t allowed by Justice Department.

Mother fucking liar.

Turns out DOJ not only allows participation but has their own contingent.

His fortune is in Guns, Oil and some other Right Wing Devil shit I forget.

Well, that balloon’s burst but at least now we both know.

Go Niners !


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