Let’s see if my face heals


What you’re looking at is an intense treatment choice for a condition called ‘actinic keritosis’ or something like that.

You literally put an acid salve over freckles and scaly skin every ten years or so.

Or, for as long as you live.

After that it doesn’t help.

So, you apply this acid for two to three weeks and hurrrrttt ???

Not this time cause I’m on a regimen of Gabapentin which killed the pain.

So, when everything looks burned enuff you reverse the process.

This time out I have a salve called, Mupirocin "until resolved" …

I guess that means til I heal or die.

Now, you may be asking yourself why I’d post something so disgusting.

Well, it is with a single hope.

Which is that it all heals beautifully and I look better than ever and thus you’ll have less fear of getting old and fucked up.

That make any sense ?

Plus, my birthday’s coming up and that calls for my yearly shot in my Birthday Suit.

Lord, I have no shame as I age.

Hoping to draw a hundred for my Birthday Party.

Go Niners !!


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