Peskin ‘channels’ own hate of Public Comment through Mandelman


Here’s a direct quote from how Rafael Mandelman regards Public Comment via the Standard’s Mike Ege:

"We may be giving people an opportunity to be heard but that’s not the People’s business."

Jeeeezzz !!!

If begging redress from your own elected officials isn’t what democracy is all about then what the fuck is democracy about ?

So, listening to the People is not the People’s business ?

How the hell you know what the people think if you shut them up ?

I mean, did I go to sleep and wake up in mother fucking Russia ?

What an asshole.

Fucker’s a rookie and wants to stop Public Comment ….

Wait just a minute here.

Naw, this is all Peskin and he sand further and further into his floor seat in the BOS ‘well’ while Shaman Walton sat above in his old Board prez seat.

Seat used to be higher but Willie Brown backed Aaron against a wall or some such shit about 20 years ago and made him agree to lower the Board President’s seat by two or three feet.

I understand Willie also had a design in which the top chair was a bit lower than the podium surface and Aaron would be invisible.


So, here we have dis dawg popping some corn and drinking some water and pulp orange juice and smoking good pot and watching Shaman take the heat while Peskin slunk further in his chair.

What’s next ?

Will Aaron finish this stint as BOS prez sitting in the back row of the gallery ?

Hell, that’s always been my favorite place to sit.

Far into the corner as possible.

Wild Bill Hickock seating you know.

Go Niners !!


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