Dawg protects Female Asian clerk from punk ass straggler


Catch the pic of the dude below.


Great shape

Living off the land and with blanket draped over bare upper body trailing as he drags along aisles with someone else’s credit card (clerk said) and he was contesting this with the clerk alone at Fred’s (I’ve been going there 40 years and tho don’t buy booze have remained tight with clerks cause I’m a blabbermouth Irishman) …

So, just then I duck my head in on the way back down (Fred’s is at 14th and Duboce) … I’d been to Patrick’s Cleaners and Tailoring up steep Duboce at Guerrero to get a Navy patch sewn on my Army field coat and forgot the patch so had to go back down hill and thought I’d get invites for my B’day party too …

I’m wearing my heavy back brace which looks like cop’s belt and wearing a light chain key holder with a whistle so I look like some kind of security.

Guy leaves and I stay by door and he tries to force himself into last customer in store’s pickup truck from passenger side and I called out to the Asian male middle aged driver not to let the guy into his vehicle.

So, I follow the guy cause I’m going in same direction and we’re speaking heavy Sailor Talk to one another as he stops by a bike rack in front of the Greek Orthodox school.

Odd, I wouldn’t have come back by the store a second time if I hadn’t forgotten the patch I’d wanted sewn on and hadn’t realized it had fallen to the bedroom floor so that was like fucking ordained, am I telling the truth could be here ?

I’m enjoying playing my role in our mutual Life’s play of late.

So, that’s what’s going on with the pic of the miscreant.

Pics of my face are tracing healing and these things are always about avoiding infections at my age.

Which hasn’t stopped me from going back to smoking cigars a couple of months back.

Not junk ones.

I was paying three bucks apiece for the, Backwoods brand and it wasn’t working.

Now, I can buy bulk online and get a good cigar for half that and when I kick it up and buy a 40 bundle of Dominican, I get a cigar I’d offer to a God Father.

Like, Gonzo.

He loves good cigars and when we had Salon on Sunday mornings at his place for a couple of years his furnishings were all heavy wooden framed Loyld Wright looking couch and chairs with heavy leather covering and heavily polished hardwood floors and all white walls with mostly rotating art from Matt’s curating work and heavy cigar smoke.

Real political theater.

Lotta black coffee and fresh fruit and whatever breads and other hippie shit.

So, then I watched buncha Lex Fridman and watched the strange thing in its second day below my window and front of expensive liquor store they are digging this hole along the curb and keep digging deeper and deeper and once they have a pile shoveled this lady runs it thru a screen looking for you can search me.

133 lbs and meds keeping me painfree and mobile and I got my nest so comfortable I walk around it all the time musing how much more content I am than billionaires of dwell in nearly empty rooms with nearly bare walls and shelves.

Plus, I have a flashlight and a defensive weapon within 5 feet of almost any point in the entire apartment.

Like up at Fred’s Liquor Store this morning.

We all have to take personal hands-on responsibility for cleaning our streets as more neighborhoods are doing and maybe its time to bring back some for of the old, what was it … ‘Red Berrets’ ?

I’ve lived at 14th and Valencia for 9 years and walk the streets constantly throughout the Valencia Business Corridor and I’ve never once seen a beat cop.

Get’s me back to that tattered banner I carry for Mike Hennessey …

Elect our Top Cop !

POA heads, Gary Delagnes and Marty Halloran agreed with me.

They think their candidate would win.

Go Niners !!


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