Did you hear about a charge that Naomi Kelly fired a guy for refusing to change Jeff Adachi’s Autopsy Report ?


I’ve always assumed Jeff and Gullickson before him were poisoned.

Cudda been related to the gym bag of Ecstasy at the Henry Hotel.

Could go all the way back to Jeff’s defending my former student, David Hill who took the fall for the murder of Officer Isaac Espanoza.

Adachi told me that Hill took the fall for a senior gang member.

The new DA at the time was Kamala Harris and she took a shitstorm of heat for refusing to go for the Death Penalty.

Jeff knew lots that cudda gotten him murdered and, I think, finally did.

Now, comes this piece by Michael Barba in the Standard …

Also, pic of Matt when on BOS w/Board Clerk, Gloria I forget her last name and I think that’s her husband.

Here’s paragraph from Barba’s piece …

The lawsuit is not the only one spurred by Adachi’s death.

In 2020, a top official with the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office sued former City Administrator Naomi Kelly for firing him because he resisted her request to change Adachi’s autopsy report. Kelly’s spokesperson at the time called the lawsuit “a complete fiction.” San Francisco is poised to pay $436,000 to settle that case.

Anyone hip on this ?

I recall that a medical examiner Jeff had been trying to get fired was left alone with his body for 5 hours til cops came in.

I never believed all that coke as cause of death shit. He was in great shape and worked out every day.

Dangerous to be a truth teller in this town.

Go Niners !


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