Dawg and Katie Porter sign steal scene at Manny’s


Well, clearly, and the packed house seemed to agree …

Center of Scene was Orange County Dejmocrat Congressperson, Katie Porter

I hope the hell I can get the the video I made posted by Tony sooner than next Saturday which is next time certain meeting of the Bulldog Blog Project.

Our big event is my birthday next month but that’s another story.

It was one hell of a discussion and the gist of what I got out of it was that the reason that Techie bank crashed last week was because existing government regulators being paid to be government regulators were looking at all these laws and considering them exceptions or some such shit.

They weren’t enforcing laws they already had.

Overall Takeaway is that I probably made the first Katie Poret sign in the State as soon as I heard she’d run.

I love to watch her kick ass with CEO’s on behalf of me.

She’s about the only really sharp and both feared and respected Sword we still have in DC.

I’m a School boy when it comes to Katie Porter.

I give her a big hug and told her I was her biggest supporter and that was the best friendly hug I ever had and I told her I’d been married 6 times and she commented that perhaps she might become my 7th.

Of course I agreed and the Date will be set down the line and I gave her one of my custom made cardboard invitations (there are only 100) invitations for the Party next month and she already knew she couldn’t make it and I told her to send a crew from her office with literature and prepared, maybe, to ride in a Dump Truck with hay and a Mariacchi Band.

Hope she doesn’t lose my address.

Really, if I’d had to write how I wanted today to go I could never have written it better.

Get this.

At Noon I’d just finished a touch Trash Pickup for Manny’s around the informal Homeless encampment between 15th and 16 on West side, mostly toward 16th.

So, I busted my ass and lots of people said thanks and I cruised back into Manny’s for coffee and found out Katie Porter would be interviewed by Karen Swisher (pardon if I screwed up name) who couldn’t carry Porter’s jock straps assuming they had such things and that’s none of my business or yours.

So, I’m having a cup of coffee and watching Segal’s little Female Jazz Group set up and I yapped with her and a couple of the musicians about Tommy Aldridge and I asked if anyone knew where to get DMT?

I always ask musicians that.

So, I really tried to hold my Mini 12 steady and I think I got the whole discussion which I want to say again that Swisher really asked some good questions but she came across to me as a pretentious New York Jewish Snob and they’re wonderful from a distance …

So, it’s about 35 minutes and I don’t know how to upload it so I’ll email Tony now.

Really, I talked to a couple of people in a crowd that jammed the place with more cashmere sweaters on 65 year-olds than you’d see at …. I don’t know …

I meant to say it really and truly was about 200 people who knew how to dress and I think I got them all of the film.

Go Niners !!


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