Send our cops and firefighters to Rome and Tokyo and Mexico City


Send them on an Exchange Project like the Peace Corps only having members of the Security forces of cities around the globe who also suffer from earthquakes and civil unrest and the lot.

Here’a another comment I posted on Mission Local just now where my comments on cop stories sometimes don’t get posted.

I mean, I think my shit’s great but everyone don’t.


the comment to Marc Salomon who again attacks non-profits for City’s mess …

Why don’t you aim those big guns at the Emperor instead of Her Bureaucrats and Field labor.

The Problem is Breed and Lee before here and on and on.

Only one I’ve seen do anything was Gonzalez when he authored Charter Amendments giving seats on the Elections Commission and the Police Commission and the Planning Commission and the Board of Appeals to be appointed by elected officials other than the Mayor.

To this day, that’s the only reason you see any conflict within those key bodies.

Before Matt’s efforts Willie Brown once fired a Planning Commissioner because the guy wouldn’t make a certain vote to produce a unanimous result …

"We all have to be together on these important things."

Gonzo lowered the Throne in Room 200 a bit.

Seriously, Marc, go after getting Open Source algorithms in our voting machines and you might do some good.

Go for moving all the tents to Treasure Island where they should be.

Go for a Charter Amendment to make Top Cop an elected slot.

How’s your desert domain developing ?


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