Skippy Brown looks like a goat,

I think,

That’s the dog below.

His mom died at 90 a few weeks ago.

He’s about 6 and lost most of his hair.

Clear eyed and energetic enuff.

We’ll see.

Happened really fast.

Friend emailed me this morning after I said I was lonely and needed a dog.

One email til Skippys arrival took just a few hours.

They were gonna keep him and treat him for a month and then either find a home or maybe just put him down now.


I took him.

We’ll see how he is at doing my trash route tomorrow.

Gotta get him legal and in my name.

He’s got a chip but I can’t afford another.

I’ll leave Britt’s name under his collar.

She’s probably like that.

We did a video of the exchange and we’ll post it in couple day.s

Go Niners !!


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